Comprehensive Threat Protection and Compliance for Your Enterprise

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All the Essential Security Solutions Working Together to Protect Your Business

The Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense (ICD) Platform delivers Endpoint Security, Web Security, Email Security, Information Security and Identity Security across on-premises and cloud infrastructures, to provide the most complete and effective asset protection in the industry.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security is the critical last line of defense in protecting user devices from cyber-attack and keeping the sensitive information stored on those devices from falling into the wrong hands. Includes support for storage and data center devices.

Endpoint Security Complete (includes mobile endpoints)
Threat Hunting Center
Managed EDR
Endpoint Management

Web & Email Security

Email and web access are the lifeblood and essential communication means for every modern organization. Symantec has a full array of web and email security solutions, as well as a shared set of advanced threat protection technologies.

Secure Web Gateway
Web Isolation
Email & Email.Cloud
Content Analysis with Sandboxing
Security Analytics/SSLV

Information Security

Sensitive documents and proprietary information should never fall into the wrong hands. Symantec offers a tightly integrated set of data protection and cloud security solutions to help organizations protect their data wherever it resides.

Data Loss Prevention
Secure Access Cloud

Identity Security

Users and applications are a primary point of attack in any organization. Identity Security strengthens digital relationships by seamlessly connecting trusted users to trusted applications, all while preventing fraudulent access and session hijacking.

Access Management
Privileged Access Management
Identity Management

On-Premises, Cloud And Hybrid Environments

Security vendors that haven’t been around very long seem convinced that everything worth protecting is already in the cloud and design their solutions accordingly. At Symantec, we know that many of our customers continue to rely at least partially on an on-premises infrastructure, and we know that security solutions should work seamlessly, regardless of where your business operates or your data resides.

Symantec is the only major cyber defense vendor that builds solutions to support all infrastructures, whether entirely on-premises, entirely in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two.

Global Intelligence Network

Applying artificial intelligence to analyze over 3.7 billion lines of telemetry, Symantec offers the broadest and deepest set of threat intelligence in the industry. This level of visibility across endpoint, email, and web traffic allows us to discover and block advanced targeted attacks that would otherwise go undetected.

Our Global Intelligence protects you with:

  • 1,000 cyber warriors in nine global SOC centers around the world, providing response that never sleeps
  • 175,000,000 endpoints protected

8 billion security requests processed across products daily

3rd Party Integration Platform

Symantec will never be your only vendor, so we have made it easy to integrate 3rd party products and share intelligence.

APIs – A rich set of open APIs (application programming interfaces) vastly simplify integrations with ICD, providing enhanced protection, investigation, and remediation across an organization’s endpoints, networks, email, and cloud applications.

Open Ecosystem – Over 100 certified technology partners create the broadest ecosystem in cyber security, enabling a coordinated and best-in-class approach to threat protection, detection and response.